Large town garden

This urban garden belongs to a middle-aged couple who do not have children. The wife is interested in gardening, chiefly in growing vegetables. The husband loves construction and building. The wife wishes to have a vegetable garden with a greenhouse, whereas the husband wants to transform the old garage into his workshop. The vegetable garden […]

Parking lots and community gardens

New Residential Property The task was to create an outdoor area for social gatherings, with 14 parking spots at the back of a newly built complex of apartments for first-time buyers. Assuming two-bedroom flats have two cars, four parking spaces can be arranged in a double or tandem configuration. There is a gathering area for […]

Small Courtyard Town Garden

This urban courtyard garden spans 50 square meters, and the main entrance is through the balcony above. The owners desired a modern and calming outdoor space, but they were not interested in gardening or had the time for it.