Large town garden

This urban garden belongs to a middle-aged couple who do not have children. The wife is interested in gardening, chiefly in growing vegetables. The husband loves construction and building. The wife wishes to have a vegetable garden with a greenhouse, whereas the husband wants to transform the old garage into his workshop.

The vegetable garden is the design’s main attraction, and it blends the old and the new – the greenhouse, compost beans and cold frames – which make gardening easier. Counterclockwise from the lunch terrace, towards the left corner, is the vegetable-growing area, and positioned in the centre is a spacious lawn.

The design offers three distinct seating areas, each serving its purpose. The first two are the dining area and coffee terraces near the kitchen entrance. The third is an evening terrace in the garden, designed solely for relaxation and enjoyment. This area features a winter flowering cherry tree that adds year-round interest. A fountain, a rill and mirroring pond provide a tranquil environment for deep relaxation and contemplation.

The planting in this garden is a beautiful blend of natural style and formal arrangements. Using echinaceas, purple top verbenas and white veronicastrum creates a balanced scheme that attracts butterflies and pollinators. Meanwhile, the front garden showcases more formal planting with roses and rosemary.

The front yard has two zones: the first includes a driveway, parking spaces and the husband’s new workshop, while the second one features a welcoming area with fragrant planting, a bench and a small raised fountain.

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