You have decided to seek out experts in garden design. The important step in this process if to familiarize yourselves with the way we work because good communication and mutual trust is the basis of how we operate.

We put significant effort into every step of the process to create high-quality and unique solutions that can evoke inspiration for years to come.

Site analysis and client brief

Our work begins with a site analysis. This step helps us create spaces that are integrated with the surrounding area, community and culture.

Site analysis is crucial to capture the essence of a place, known as genius loci in design terminology, and translate it into a cohesive and exceptional design appropriate for the location.

Before we begin with the design process, however, it is vital to obtain a client brief, too. Design should not only reflect the environment but also the distinctive character of the owner. Our work focuses on people, and a thorough brief is crucial in ensuring functionality and alignment with the owner’s way of life.


This step involves the actual design process and during this phase, different solutions, flow of movements and layouts are tested to provide the ideal solution for the site and our clients.

A designer creates a master plan or an overall site layout, a 3D visualization and inspirational mood boards. These drawings represent the final result, and the client can see how the garden will look like once it is finished.

Specification documentation and planting plan

Once the designer and the clients approve the design solution, we move on to the final phase: the specifications documentation. In this phase, experts from engineering, architecture and horticulture work with a designer to provide all the necessary details, such as measurements, material specifications, construction details, irrigation and surface water drainage plans.

Additionally, the designer and horticulturist work together to create a detailed planting plan, including the positions of the plants, as well as care and maintenance tips. They also present a calendar showcasing the seasonal interest of each plant.

Additional services

If agreed, after the design process is complete, the designer inspects the building site to ensure smooth implementation of the plan. Additionally, a horticultural team is provided for plant care and supply.


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