Small Courtyard Town Garden

This urban courtyard garden spans 50 square meters, and the main entrance is through the balcony above. The owners desired a modern and calming outdoor space, but they were not interested in gardening or had the time for it.

As a solution, designs offer an art-inspired layout with architectural plants that demand minimal upkeep.

As the sun sets, the lounge terrace becomes a prime spot to bask in its rays. The flow of the area leads counterclockwise towards it. The main dining area is enclosed by the house’s three-sided walls, with a balcony overlooking it. The dining terrace boasts a contemporary fireplace for added warmth and aesthetic appeal. On the opposite wall, a beautiful art painting reflects the silhouettes of the plants in the garden. These elements seamlessly blend the house and garden together.

In the garden, several vital features add to its overall aesthetic appeal. These include the evening terrace, a sphere sculpture that adds sophistication and curiosity, as well as a garden rill alongside the lounge terrace. Also, the overhead plane above the rill gives a cocooning feeling, creating a cosy atmosphere. All of these elements converge at a centrally located mirroring pond that reflects the sky above, giving the garden an added sense of depth.

The garden is designed to focus on ornamental grasses and white anthuriums with clean and refined shapes. A Portuguese laurel hedge is planted at the back to provide privacy by blocking the view of the neighbouring property. The garden’s overall ambience resembles a beautiful work of art that can be admired and enjoyed.

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