Qualities of an exceptional design

In the previous article, we discussed the philosophy behind our design and its benefits. Today, we will delve deeper into the essential qualities we embody in our work and their significance. You might call them our guiding lights, key guidelines which we always follow and which help us achieve amazing results, attested and appreciated by […]

Contemporary Garden and Landscape Design: A Way to Achieve a Happier and Healthier Life

Nowadays, those who own a private garden or live in a residential building with a designed green space are fortunate. Contemporary green areas are more than just soil for cultivating plants – their greater purpose is to significantly enhance daily life, enabled by their practicality and colourful individuality. A well-planned design allows people to spend […]

Six Ornamental Grasses For a Splendid Autumn Garden

We love ornamental grasses for their versatility in garden design. Whether you want to add a twist to your mixed border or create a prairie-style garden, ornamental grasses are an excellent choice. They bring movement, sound, colour, texture and playful joy to your outdoor space. Even a light breeze can transform a grass garden into […]

Rose Fragrance – English Roses

The modern rose industry has presented rose breeders with the daunting task of categorizing and determining the scent of roses due to the abundance of cultivars available. While there are some general scent categories, each breeder uses their subjective terminology to describe the fragrance of their roses. The English Rose, bred by David Austin, is […]

Japanese Cherries

The sights of elegant, graceful, yet so dreamy and delightful Japanese cherries in bloom is a sight to behold. In Japanese culture these cherry blossoms symbolize renewal, the passing of time, fleeting beauty which is to be appreciated in the two weeks their allure is at its peak. But it is worth it. As soon […]

Cultivation of Waterlilies

Do you wish for your garden to have a serene, relaxing effect? Water is known for its therapeutic properties – lowering blood pressure and heart rate, but reducing stress and inducing relaxation as well. Just imagine having a cup of tea after a long and stressful day, in your garden, by a tranquil pond emanating […]