Open plan living room with wooden floors, wooden ceilings and stone walls, large sliding doors and beautiful sunny garden.

Contemporary Garden and Landscape Design: A Way to Achieve a Happier and Healthier Life

Nowadays, those who own a private garden or live in a residential building with a designed green space are fortunate. Contemporary green areas are more than just soil for cultivating plants – their greater purpose is to significantly enhance daily life, enabled by their practicality and colourful individuality.

A well-planned design allows people to spend more time outside enjoying nature’s therapeutic benefits. Additionally, designed green spaces require less maintenance and significantly increase property value.

But how do you achieve all these benefits? When designing a garden, special attention must be paid to types of plants that will be used, their colour, the use of space and the amount of care various plants require. A daunting task for many.

Therefore, more and more people turn to experts – garden designers.

Who are garden designers and what do they do?

Garden designers play a crucial role in the design of private gardens and residential landscapes, with their key mission to offer functional, harmonious and art-oriented spaces that inspire and motivate for years to come. Numerous users of designed gardens testify daily about their positive impact, so it’s not surprising that their popularity is rapidly increasing.

In creating a beautiful garden space, it’s vital to have the knowledge and design skills, to be familiar with the psychology of space, but also to have experience in horticulture. A good garden designer should possess these qualities to create a unique and personalized outdoor space.

During designing, prioritizing the aesthetic significance of light, plants, and textures is essential to create a cohesive and motivating environment.

Private gardens vs. residential green spaces

Private gardens are like empty rooms waiting to be decorated. Regardless of the size, they can be designed and customized to fit the specific needs of their owner. Whether someone is a gardening enthusiast, an avid reader, a social host or a sports lover, their lifestyle plays a crucial role in the design process.

When living in a flat, design significantly impacts well-being, too. Planning every square meter of green space surrounding the buildings is crucial to maximize their potential and create spaces such as greeting areas, pleasant walkways or community gardens.

When green spaces are designed with personalized features and visually attractive elements, they can bring immense happiness to residents and increase the appeal and value of a building.

We’ve explained our work methods in another article, and you can learn more about how we do our garden magic. 🙂

If you find yourselves in need of garden design, whether it’s a private garden, an urban or residential area – we are here to help!


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