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Qualities of an exceptional design

In the previous article, we discussed the philosophy behind our design and its benefits. Today, we will delve deeper into the essential qualities we embody in our work and their significance. You might call them our guiding lights, key guidelines which we always follow and which help us achieve amazing results, attested and appreciated by numerous clients. It all begins with one key feature of any space, not just the outdoor one – function. Functionality above all A green space that serves its intended purpose can increase its utilization. In today’s busy world, time is a crucial factor when it comes to spending time outdoors. A green space that is functional and usable on daily basis encourages people to perform routine tasks while enjoying the benefits of being in nature. The design’s functionality is achieved by carefully planning shapes that match their intended purpose. For instance, a private green space meant for relaxation and reading should be of different size and shape than an entertaining terrace for family gatherings. Similarly, a circular swimming pool is not suitable for exercise. Usage dictates the shape. Visual harmony Achieving visual balance is crucial for creating a satisfying spatial experience. The design must be visually appealing and have a human scale to make people feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. There are many ways to achieve visual harmony, such as creating rhythm by combining different materials, shapes or colours in a pattern to encourage flow of movement through the space. Another approach is to introduce borrowed unity by incorporating plants, materials or shapes specific to the surrounding landscape. Harmony in urban areas is achieved by introducing a unifying element in different parts of a design, such as some particular plant, colour or texture. Lastly, it’s vital to balance positive and negative space. Positive space represents hardscape or paving, while negative space is softscape or planting. Hardscape should take 10-50% of the space, depending on the size of a garden. The power to inspire The distinction between a good design and an exceptional one is the latter’s ability to inspire and evoke emotion. Although functional and visually pleasing designs are good, they lack the superior quality that can truly move people. Humans constantly search for inspiration and purpose; a well-designed space can provide just that. However, achieving an inspiring design is complex. One essential part of this process is understanding light. By comprehending the quality and patterns of light, designers can create remarkable and outstanding spaces. It’s also important to consider the region’s specific lighting and not simply copy a design from another location willing to make an impression. For instance, a French garden layout would work differently in the Mediterranean light, lacking its original charm. Well, now you know our secrets. And you’ll probably have realized why more and more people turn to garden designers to construct the areas which will be more than just a space for plants. They will be oases of pure comfort and relaxation. So if you would like us to plan yours, contact us with your inquiry!


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